Sunday, July 12, 2009

Monsoonal bliss

The last place anybody would think of is Hubli, but there i was tucked under the blankets, sleeping peacefully.
Its been pouring over a month now, making this place cold n slushy. This is d time of the year when laziness takes the lead. It has taken a toll on me too. With immense effort everyday i make it out of my cozy bed just in time for the breakfast (10:00 am).With my brother out of the house i gladly take his place in front of the computer catching up with friends, checking out new movies, books , listening to dhan te nan from kaminey and staring at my modem which keeps blinking and frustrating me from time to time! So i head out but its monsoons.

Monsoons here in karnataka(most part of it) are so heavy that one cant step out of the house. It is blissful to watch the rain from far but with it lashing out for days, boredom stealthily creeps and takes its toll. Sitting on the compound and gazing at my neighbour's great Dane's soft eyes & jumping about on others compound and almost getting caught once gave me immense joy & pleasure but with the rains i had to huddle up in a corner of my bed reading Naipaul & classics. It is when my brother comes back home from his work that i get to go out and feel the fresh air.

Out there the roads are all slushy and with potholes bound to break backbones. Hubli's traffic is crazy with everyone claiming rights over the road. one can see the cattle, men, vehicles.... but it is the pedestrians who pose a problem for the drivers and the riders. No matter how hard you blow the horn, they move at their own pace. In spite of this we drove along taking in the cold air (it makes my hair sticky though) looking at the endless black clouds which seems like eternity.

We get back home, that is when i get to do the best part of monsoons. It is the eternal bliss of getting myself tucked under my blankets and hoping that something more exciting would be waiting when i open my eyes again.