Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Memoirs of unconditional love

What does unconditional love mean to you? Is it the kind of love you find in your lover, parents & family? Is it something that radiates from your near and dear ones despite your inabilities and negativity?
Well to me it's all the above as well as the kind of love that radiates from a living being no matter in what state of mind you happen to be in or whether you happen to acknowledge it or not. I have experienced it in different forms coming from various walks of life at various points. I have also seen at a point when complete strangers feel that unconditional love for each other and i have wondered if it is forced upon or it just flows out? Everyone must have experienced that sensational moment at some point of life. The unconditional love of the parents, siblings and lovers though doesn't have any boundaries I personally think is bound by their relationship to the person concerned whereas that of friends are not bound by anything, they can choose to leave or come back anytime though we do expect certain things from them. I have been immensely lucky to have friends who have not chosen to leave me behind and instead showered me with boundless love. I ain't any god to deserve such love yet the journey has been wonderful. The love showered by my parents, family has always been of great support, been a strong backbone but what some friends have done for me is unaccountable. They have not done any herculean task (all credit for such tasks goes to the parents) for me to write about it here but the small things that they have done has made some big difference. Be it making me laugh like a lunatic, make me plead on all fours or pissing the hell out of me they as well as me have had our fair share of fun and I have always seen that glimpse of the so called immense unconditional love. It has been two months now past college and I have still not been able to come in terms with the fact that I have been stranded among grim faced, rigorous working men and have completely lost sight of those familiar grinning jobless faces. Last two days made me realize that I had not completely lost sight but had just become short sighted. And again it was love from two amazing individuals who came all the way from a great distance away to see me (which by itself according to me is a herculean task), spent some time and laughed like old times. Had it not been for priya and sadhana I would have lived in an illusion of having lost sight and would not have realized the greatness of that unconditional love which these both individuals showered on me especially the latter for coming all the way down on her birthday to my workplace just to see me (I know you could not contain yourself from seeing me :P), i was just bowled over and brimmed with happiness and tears. I have never been so touched by such an act. It made me realize number of things which I had earlier considered trivial and neglected. All this reminded me of Brett Dennen's 'Blessed', truly 'blessed is this life, I am gonna celebrate being life'. I know its been an overdosage of LOVE but hell yeah!! everyone has that impeccable moment in life and it definitely impacts us more when it comes in small packages and once in a blue moon!!