Sunday, March 4, 2012

All you need is Love!!

I have always wondered why long distance relationship takes the mickey out of people. Why does everyone feel, be it any kind of relation, strains the moment the person concerned moves away. Is it lack of love or is it lack of trust or is it lack of sense?!? I would say it is the lack of sensibility & also the current so called hot trend of moving on, dusting off everything as though nothing has happened. I strongly believe that this whole so called can’t manage long distance scenario is outrageous & a myth & people are thick enough to break up terming it practical but I think otherwise, maybe it’s the case of lack of true love that people opt for a breakup. When a person’s near dear one moves far away I bet he is missed immensely & vice versa. As the Beatles say ‘All you need is love’ is so true to its last word. All that a man needs is compassion from another man. I have always felt that distance is no real constrain when it comes to love. I want today to spend all the lost time with my friends who as of today are scattered all over the country & in different countries. There are lots of memories that each character holds in a person’s life. Teeny weenie reminds me of my friends almost every day & I miss them. Trust me, love for them has not gone down the scale, it’s rather ridden up the scale. I did realize all this late when my friend from far away land mentioned he misses being with his friends, with me & in a flash it made sense damn yes I too do miss him very much that is why I end up chatting with him everyday which I dint do so often when we were in the same city. I don’t think anyone’s love for their closed ones ever diminishes with distance. I can never grow apart from people I care about though there might be a tiff sometimes. Isn’t this love? Isn’t it belief I have placed on them that yes they do love me back? How cannot this happen to everyone, though it might have escaped a few unfortunate. When the love for your parents or siblings doesn’t just vanish & then how would it vanish for your partner?!? Isn’t it absurd?!? A few unfortunate who have gone through rough patch & ended in break up doesn’t serve as an example of being ‘practical’ in moving on mate! It just makes me think the concept of ‘move on’ is a golden gateway for young couples who are bored in their lives. I sure do agree distance relationships comes with its own share of complications, but aren’t there complications in everything. It’s up to us as to how we look upon it, accept it as it comes, face it & tackle it. With true love tugging at your heart there’s no way it’s going to snap with whatever the distance be it. ‘All you need is love’ & All you need is love’, so true & in-depth are these words that no one has replaced the Beatles till date. Thanks Guru for making me realise so many things, for being my best bud always. Loads of love & hugs from India.
P.S. Guru this post might sound silly, stop laughing at it, but it’s so true ain’t it?!?