Saturday, December 27, 2014

Lost & Found!!

It has been ages since I have been active on my blog. I didn't have time to update, wouldn't be the right statement to make, it's just that my writing took a backseat or rather I pushed it to the back letting some insignificant things become an integral part of my life. I had forgotten or rather ignored how happy & contented it makes me to write, play the Veena, dance.. Sometimes I secretly wish I dint have a smartphone at all, though I feel connected to many people I think I have lost the connection to myself or for that matter encroachment of any technology into our lives does the same. But then it has also become indispensable.
My mother is someone who has always pushed me to do creative things be it performing arts or any form of art. She has always been a very artistic personality. There have been days as a kid where I have cribbed about going to my singing classes and discontinued them after a point(though that was after a long struggle with my mother) but now when I think about it I do regret not having heeded to what my mother said, coz I have realised over time that I am drawn to music and if I had pursued it maybe I would have been good at it. But am glad I dint discontinue dancing, That's one thing that I enjoy doing all the time and any time, gives me a whole new perspective. Sometimes I have just let it slip it through my hands, it would have been a terrible mistake if that had been the case. 
So is writing, the joy I get out of writing about something whether it's great or not, gives a sense of satisfaction and takes my mind off insignificant things. I often secretly wish I had half as much a vivid imagination as Ms. Rowling and could write some decent stories. It's still a struggle for me to come up with an interesting bed time story and my mother could do it with √©lan when I was a kid. And writing this post after almost an year is like learning to write from scratch, I could only imagine what would have happened if I had forsaken it. Nevertheless I have tried making this post sound as meaningful as possible to me as well as the others and in the process I guess I have found back whatever I lost.