Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Word Relish!

Today is one of those craziest days when I had nothing to do and my mind started running amok. As they say 'idle mind is a devil's workshop', well mine din't turn exactly into a devil's workshop it rather became loony. I started mouthing all the words that I love pronouncing and find very relishing. This is more of a silly post (thought I would give a glimpse of my silly side) but nevertheless interesting in a way. This list includes few proper nouns as well, which I will be listing separately.

So the list goes on like this...
- Aplomb ('plomb' sounds like a pebble falling into a puddle, though the sound is best described as 'Plop')
- Aristocracy (i just love that 'kraa' sound)
- Bubble
- Butcher
- Chivalry
- Chuckle
- Cuddle
- Doodle
- Dung (this so sounds like the background music i give when something heavy falls)
- Ergonomics (the day i saw this on the poster, i went mental repeating this all the way back home)
- Fulcrum
- Gobble
- Hippogriff (sounds majestic)
- Hopscotch (it definitely sounds juicy, i love going on & on about this)
- Mongrel (sounds great with appropriate prefix and is my favourite cuss word)
- Moron (used exclusively when I get irritated)
- Mumbo Jumbo ( well this is rather a phrase than a word but well this whole post is about my word Mumbo  jumbo)
- Nincompoop
- Poppy
- Poultry
- Puncture
- Scrunchy
- Topple
- VoilĂ  (this definitely has elements of surprise and makes me happy whenever I say that)

And now for the list of pronouns that pleases my tongue to twist in..
- Constantinople (No more in use, I feel this sounds more cool, majestic than Turkey)
- Djokovic (The hottest stud with even hotter name)
- Dumbeldore (will remain my ever favourite name & person from Harry Potter series)
- Givenchy
- Dolce & Gabbana (Italians do have some hot names) 
- Gorbachev (I have an affiliation to Russian names, I would love to include all the Russian names)
- Massachusetts
- Pochampalli (This tiny sari weaving town in AP definitely has caught my attention)
- Timbaktu (Contrary to the metaphor of some outlandish land, there does exists a trading town in Africa)
- Vladivostok (Once again Russian, doesn't need any better explanation)
- Volkswagen (It sounds Foxy, hence sexy & sophisticated)
- Wimbledon (well with tennis being my favourite sport just cannot seem to neglect this wonderful name & place) 

I could remember only so much of my favourite words.. I bet there is more to it. Hope you guys enjoyed my silly post of my obsession with words.

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Walk of Life

WARNING: This is my true life experience with some deep insights & afraid some may find it boring.. but I assure you it would be great if you could go through it once. 
      Crowded streets covered with red betel spots & scented with the Coovum stench is a very common sight in Chennai but in walking the stretch of the road to reach the destination lays the art of enjoying every moment and thus becomes the walk of life. I walk down the streets of Choolaimedu every day to & fro from office with greying bald men yelling at me to give way for their giant perspiring bodies on wheels to speed by on the tiny footpath, adolescent men ogling, trying to freak me out with their obscene comments, the frustrating auto men always blocking my way when I am in least need of them and the ever chatty flower women have become a part of my wonderful journey. It must be a wonder how I enjoy every moment such as this. This walk has made me think out things with much more clarity; it has also taught me patience to deal things with and that the materialistic world (I have not been able to get over everything materialistic, though I have started with small things as of now) is just an illusion. I am not sure whether everyone would experience something as phenomenal as this by just walking through random streets. I have also heard people can go through such experience at different time at really odd situations. Thankfully mine isn’t odd enough not to make it to my blog. The walk back is so soothing and refreshing, I have never found out why, usually random people running into me always blow the lid off me but surprisingly ever since I have been walking in the infamous choolaimedu street everything seem to have become pleasant. My miscellaneous music collection blaring out of my earphones and the cool wind blowing on my face, going right through my nostrils brings the feeling of being alive and enjoying life every moment..It just made me realise how life has been interesting, surprising and extremely fruitful to me in comparison to the few others walking down the streets of Chennai, living off fly infested unhygienic food and dilapidated houses. All this made me feel very important, that I am not one among them. And when they could be contended and happy with whatever they have, live for that day like there is going to be no tomorrow, I should be feeling like the queen of the world. I no more worry about singing loud in the public with my earphones on because it just makes me elated to listen to it all alone (in my head) and enjoy each and every note of it. I have slowly started accepting each moment like it’s going to be the last, experiencing it with all the zeal & my spirit, doing whatever pleases me the most and trust me it feels just amazing. Life has become a lot gayer, it has brought in lot of clarity, instilled courage and every moment feels new, fresh & surprising. It becomes lot simpler living like this without any confusion because at the end of the day you would have done a series of things that ultimately makes you happy & want to enjoy life no matter what may come. It really did enlighten me, this ‘walk of life’.