Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Well, its been quite sometime since I posted any blog. I did come up with some ideas but unfortunately nothing materialized. I have finally decided to take a leaf out of my brief tenure as a visual merchandiser, the umpteen number of observations that I make. It has always amazed me how some Homo sapiens composed of the same DNA like any of us develop to have some extraordinarily brilliant minds and out of which some end up coming up with mind blowing concepts for Ad campaigns; the right pitch to sell any kind of product. Any company will meet with great success if they have such distinguished Homo sapiens. Brands like Diesel, G - star have such incredible men behind the wheel steering the brands to the right direction through their prodigious Ad campaigns, window displays and posters.It is one helluva work to put in so much of innovative thought and executing it effectively which definitely isn't a piece of cake for everyone!! Hence hats off to these crazy innovators. I would like to show the world few of the incredible displays & Ad campaigns from some of the great minds which am sure will make everyone go BLIMEY!! 

The interesting things that can be done with rubber balloons including preventing piling on of population!

This is my personal favourite.. now now don't get me wrong. 
The caption, the cute balloon doggies all are bang on and eye catching and I hope will stop the unwanted increase in our population.

I bet all the guys would love to watch one such Marilyn Monroe effect. This Lanvin window display sure does get everyone's attention.

Anthropologie always tend to have some interesting as well as economical window display such as this dyed fabric spread over a ring. These displays are as a part of recycling theme.

This is the best of theirs, dyed tea bags. How more economical & creative can anyone get.

REEBOK has definitely someone really brilliant behind the wheel to have come up with a simple yet effective window display. Paris based Colette has created this. The display features all of the Reebok Pumps from the collection orbiting around the globe, a reference to the global scope of the project.

G Star Raw definitely knows how to advertise the product which they are an expert at.
Wooden denims with rotating pockets for their new 3Denims 

How can a fashion blog exist without the legend McQueen gracing it?

 This Avant-Garde installation by Zoe Bradley definitely makes head turn so does the one below with a metallic man hanging from the ceiling and giving a futuristic look to the store.

This will remain my all time favourite installation by Hermes. This window display with the scarf blowing shows their area of expertise for years, done up by Tokujin Yoshioka. True master of art. Trust the Japanese when it comes to doing something extraordinarily out of the box. 
If only Indian brands also could learn from them and invest extra on Ad campaigns and displays... they would truly become global.
I am hoping to see more such amazing ad campaigns and installation in the future and some from our Desi brands too!!!