Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The road that I had never taken

      It has been a week since I have been regularly going to the gym. Yes I got bitten by that bug too. I had never been to a gym except for that one time when I had to research for my college project to design Gym wear, hence I was very skeptical about joining it. The more my husband egged me on, the more skeptical I became. But since last month I had become very determined on joining the gym. My increasing waistline and almost literally bursting out of seams has made me aware of the very little activity I put my body through. My clothing size is slowly moving to the 'L' racks which never was the case. One of the perks of getting married is your husband treating you like a queen at least for the first few years, but mind you if you aren't careful laziness is sure to creep in as it did with me and it plagues you down completely before you can even take notice. More than the the increasing figure on the scales, it was the aspect of not getting enough activity was what that bothered me the most, since I had always been very energetic and agile. That's when I decided I needed to push myself harder than just getting through a days bare minimum activity. It took a lot of courage to accept what I had become from what I was, however that made the process easier and made me all the more determined. The more one accepts that their body is unique, acts in a certain way and in no way comparable to their skinny peers or vice versa, the easier it becomes to love oneself. 
     Loving your body for what it is is one thing though keeping yourself fit and looking after it is another. I have never believed in starving oneself, nothing good comes out of it. On the contrary I have always believed in sweating it out one way or another which is a much healthier alternative and a long lasting one too. I have never been skinny nor do I ever dream of becoming one, however I had always been curvaceously fit and hope to continue being like that. This was more of a lack of activity concern rather than a beauty concern for me. Hence I took the road that I had never taken before, to only discover to my delight that it keeps me going through the day, doesn't let me lay with laziness and yes I see myself transforming to that curvaceously fit girl that I have always been.