Monday, April 1, 2013

Take over!! Boom Boom Pow!

     I had mentioned in my previous post that I would try out cakes yet again to justify my assertion on the faulty old All-purpose flour/Maida for my cake failures.  So I dared to go for it again. This time I made a mix of jowar/sorghum flour with wheat flour for the orange cake batter. Jowar is from the grass species raised mainly for grains but is also used as fodder for animals and is grown in dry and warm regions around Asia, Africa & Mexico. It is widely cultivated in northern Karnataka and other dry regions in India. It requires very little water and is an excellent source of nutrition too. It is a staple food eaten in the form of Jolada Rotti (jowar roti) in northern Karnataka along with aubergine curry, chutney powders, curd and other spicy delicious accompaniments. Since it’s very good for the health I used organic jowar flour with the wheat flour to get a healthier cake. My favourite fruit ever since childhood has been orange, I love everything about the fruit, its tangerine colour, citrus smell and the tickling acidic juiciness and since it is orange season in full swing I went for fresh orange juice and the marmalade which gave the cake its signature titillating citrus smell and a tinge of tanginess. And who doesn’t love chocolate flavour especially when it makes an excellent combination with orange so cocoa powder went in to give its contribution to the cake with its flavour and colour. The rich aroma of the cake wafted through the kitchen and it definitely looked like I was on the winning side but one never knows what one might end up with. I baked it at 150 degree centigrade for 35 to 40 mins to avoid cracks on the surface and voila it definitely came out whole and pretty. I had also had banana puree instead of eggs to hold the cake together but the best thing was that it added an extra sheen to the browned beauty.

The wondrous healthy choco orange cake

 I waited anxiously for the moment of truth, for the moment that would prove that it was all along the Maida’s fault and not the recipe nor me who followed the recipe. The small piece that I cut out looked very porous and felt extremely light in the hand. As soon as I popped it into my mouth I was glad that I took up this challenge and didn’t just throw away my baking skills. Though grainy (jowar is grainy) it tasted perfect with the right amount of sweet & sour and fluffiness. I just felt I had crossed the finishing line leaving my opponent far behind at the starting line itself. So there was an admirable testimony for my latest acquired baking skills as well as my undaunted spirit to keep going on. I couldn’t have been more satisfied about the perfect timing, gave me the much needed boost just before joining my new workplace as designer. Everything happens for a reason….

Fluffy & utterly delicious!


  1. mmm that cake looks so good - im gonna have to try that!!
    if you have time, fancy checking out my blog?

    thank you :)xx

  2. Hey thanks a lot.. :D.. I did check your blog and you have interesting things up! :)

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